Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC) of East Calcutta Girls' College was established on 10th April, 2010 for the purpose of enhancement of quality in education and development of teaching and learning along with research and Extension, infrastructure and technology in different spheres in accordance with the guidelines framed by the NAAC. Since 2010 , the IQAC has been striving hard to ensure excellence and quality in the sphere of education and research and for the overall development of the college.

Member of IQAC

  • Dr. (Mrs.) SuklaHazra (Chairperson)
  • Dr. PanchaliMajumdar (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Pratip Chowdhury (External Member)
  • Dr. KalyanRudra (External Member)
  • Governing Body Member
  • Shri. SugataSengupta (Teachers' Representative)
  • Dr. Soma Nandi (Teachers' Representative)
  • Dr. Deepa Ghosh (Teachers' Representative)
  • Dr.DebprasadPatra (Teachers' Representative)
  • Shri. Atanu Dutta Khan(Teachers' Representative)
  • Shri. Amit Kumar Das (Non-Teaching Representative)
  • Shri. Shyamal Kumar Ganguly (Non-Teaching Representative)
  • Shri.SukhenduNath (Non-Teaching Representative)
  • Student Representative
  • Mrs. Srijita Naha (Alumni Representative)

Activities of the IQAC

  • Following accreditation by NAAC (2nd Cycle), 2015, the college has regularly published the AQAR of the IQAC on the basis of seven point criteria as stipulated by NAAC.
  • The curriculum is being updated as per UGC guideline and is going to introduce the CBCS for Honours and General courses from 2018
  • The IQAC of the college has monitored the teaching and learning process, research and Extension, Student support and Progression with active cooperation and participation of staff
  • The Research and Extension activities of the college has expanded and develop in the last one year with more Research Scholars, Projects as well as Extension activities
  • Infrastructural and Learning resourses have grown with UGC and RUSA funds and the Solar Panel has been installed. A number of students have received scholarships and placement
  • The Social and outreach activities of the college have reached a significant stage with active guidance of the IQAC and NSS unit
  • The college have introduced various innovations and best practices like Smart Class and MCQ, Medical Camp, conservation and environmental awareness programme ,Thalasemia test etc. The students went to different houses like urban forestry under eco-club, welfare home, oldage home and NGO'S
  • The college has received a boost following the appointment of several full time faculties on the recommendation of service commission and more teachers are engaged in Research work. Some of them are doing Ph.D and some are enlisted for Minor Research Project
  • IQAC of the college has reorganized all the cells and committees for various purposes like Research and Extension, Placement, Social activities, Academic as well as Administrative work etc
  • The growth and expansion of the college have gained a new impetus following acquisition of land in the adjoining areas leading to the construction of new building with State-of-Art-Technology and modern infrastructure
  • The Post-Graduation courses in Education and Geography are going on in full swing
  • Individual students in the Department of Geography, Commerce, Political Sceince, Emglish have received awards from the state Government for their successful participation in different competition at state level. For example, Leadership, Extempor Speech, One-Act play, Inter-Stae Yoga
  • IQAC organised Two-Day State Level Seminar on 5th and 6th March ,2018 funded by Department of Higher Education, Science Technology and Bio-Technology on "Academic Audit and e-Management of finance"