Our Mission And Vision

East Calcutta Girls' College visualizes a rationalistic, liberal, practical and humane approach to life and education which will enlighten and empower the stakeholders , while enabling them to face the challenges of life and contemporary society with confidence and dedication in the process of becoming better citizens

  • To inculcate a sense of discipline and dedication for better academic and intellectual achievements
  • To instill a sense of interest and curiosity in the mind of the students about various issues and subjects
  • To develop intellect, skill, knowledge and creativity so as to cope with the changes in the curriculum as well as practical training
  • To educate and empower the students while making them suitable for various opportunities in research, higher education and employment
  • To create better citizens and provide better service to the society at large
  • To synergize the energy and creative potential of the stakeholders for better and more meaningful purpose
  • To encourage extracurricular and outreach activities among all by following the principles of benevolence, honesty, sincerity and high moral or ethical standards of behavior
  • To provide and enhance quality in education and in all creative work